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Creation Montreal 2018

40 minute duo

Music: Line Katcho

Dansers at the time of creation: Sarah Hanley and James Viveiros

PLAY:BACK is based loosely on Plato’s Symposium, which is a fantastical, mythological story about how humans were at one time twice the people that they are now. This was seen as threatening to the gods so Zeus cut everyone in half. Ever since, humans go about in search of their other half in order to become whole. Two take on the same story. It is also based on the memory and the tale that we tell ourselves of whether things actually happened that way and Is this the actual truth of how it played out or is this the comfortable or uncomfortable fiction that we play back to ourselves in order to soothe our hearts and appease our emotions? Our memories and thoughts are recorded. They are held, caught and suspended; looping and repeating themselves.

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